With its extensive knowledge of mineral industries’ needs and constraints, Eides developed for you a suite of software solutions to handle precisely your business issues.

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Monitoring and analysis of productivity

Solution approved by quarries and other mineral industries, Seape enables you to

  • Optimize your production capacity,
  • Reduce energy and new machine costs
  • Simplify administrative burdens.
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Solution SEAPE

Seape enables you to measure the output of your exploitation, analyze your data and statistics, and control efficiently your productivity. Moreover, with the server version you can centralize all the data. Thus you can compare data between your sites. With this version you also can receive automatically daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports. Seape is a multi-lingual software.

This solution centralizes all your information into only one software. Thus you could have a visibility on your production (production curve, downtimes, electricity consumption, etc.) but also on regulatory and equipments obligations (inspection of machines, compulsory check, thermal control, electrical accreditations, etc.)

Key benefits

Head Office

  • Follow the production of each exploitation
  • Estimate the output of each site to facilitate decisions and develop best practices
  • Get optimal production capacity to reach the goals.

Responsible et Industry

  • Facilitate decision-making on new machine purchase
  • Check figures announced by the supplier after purchase
  • Compare machines performance and facilitate your choice when you have to purchase new equipments for your quarries or mineral industries.

Operations manager

  • Get optimal production capacity to reach the goals.
  • Allow workforce to identify their job and thus limit adverse effects of the important turnover.
  • Identify some unidentified problems which can spawn major losses on the long range.
  • Make sure of the good production of your exploitation to improve capacity day after day
  • Send complete reporting to the Head Office
  • Centralize all administrative burdens in only one software to never forget controls, regulations, etc.
  • Optimize electricity consumption and avoid consumption peak
  • Improve Production Quality reducing omissions as much as possible


  • Index maintenance date of each machine, and be alerted when an equipment needs to be maintained.
  • List all machines downtimes and reasons to provide your manager evidences.

Client testimony

« Since installing SEAPE, we know precisely the number of failures, reasons and loss. So we work on all these problems to improve our productivity. »

Quarry Manager, Mr MORINEAU


SEAPE adapts to all installations (quarries, cement industry…) whatever the size and the age of the equipment.

Connected to your sensors, Seape records all the information you want (throughputs, downtime, consumption of an installation…) compared to predefined indicators.control your production line, and optimize your productivity with customized reports.


« The deployment of the solution does not impact your production because Seape adapts on existing system (automation, sensors, etc.) »


- Analysis / Integration: We examine your installation so that the deployment of the solution does not interfere with your production. Then we configure Seape and integrate it with the existing.

- Training / Support: In order for you to support yourself and customize Seape according to your changing needs, we offer training programs according to the specificities of each business (user training, administrator, integrator). To guarantee the scalability of our solutions, they can be of assistance including updates.

- Evolution/Users Club: Seape is an open and innovative solution. Due to an active collaboration between Eides and mineral industries (Users Club), Seape adapts to all business issues.

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Client testimony

« Since installing SEAPE, we know precisely the number of failures, reasons and loss. So we work on all these problems to improve our productivity. »

Quarry Manager, Mr MORINEAU